A Day In The Life

Join us behind the scenes at Kurt Geiger HQ in the first of our ‘Day in the life’ series as we meet the teams behind the brand. This week we catch up with Jose Rhodes, Buying and Design Manager for accessories as he talks us through his role at Kurt Geiger and what it’s like to work in London.

Take us through what an ordinary day is like for you from dawn to dusk. “My day starts with a walk towards the office, going through the super-narrow alleyways that make this part of London so authentic. At work every day is unique: meetings, presentations and tons of e-mails to deal with."

"I'm so lucky to live in Clerkenwell, it's vibrant, without being crazy. After work I usually like to enjoy a glass of good wine with friends in one of the several gastro pubs around here.”

What keeps you going when work gets tough? “I am totally addicted to fashion! I try to find the positive side of any issue we might encounter, especially during the many stages of product development as in fashion what doesn't work today might be the next big thing tomorrow.”

What’s the favourite thing about being a buyer? “My favourite thing about being a buyer is taking part in the development for every new collection. Working with suppliers and the design team, selecting the most appropriate materials according to current trends, in order to conceive a product to be proud of.”

Who or what inspires you? “I'm constantly taking pictures with my phone of this or that detail. Everything can represent a source of inspiration for a new collection. Just last week I checked and for the SS16 I've taken more than 3000 inspirational pictures!”

What music gets you in the zone? “I listen to a lot of 80’s Spanish pop music but, I also like Bon Iver, Belle, Sebastian and Micah P. Hinson”

If you could choose another career path, what would you choose and why? “That's a tricky one. I have no idea, I'm so lucky to do what I love to do and I always wanted to work within the fashion industry.”

What advice would you give to other aspiring buyers? “Study, keep your eyes open and work hard.”

What was the hardest hurdle you've had to overcome on your way to becoming a buyer at Kurt Geiger? “I am Spanish so I come from a totally different culture and speak a different language. Sometimes it can make things a bit more complicated but, my colleagues have been very understanding regarding this.”